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Best Rehab Centers

Best rehab centers

When it comes to treatment centers for people suffering from addiction, the possibilities are almost endless. America boasts thousands of addiction treatment centers dedicated to helping people struggling with drug or alcohol problems. While these centers vary in the quality of treatment they offer, some have consistently proven that they are heads and shoulders above their counterparts. Here’s our list of some of the best rehab centers in America, and what makes us think they’re worth the slot.

The Holistic Sanctuary

Founded by Johnny The Healer, who was a former addict himself, the Holistic Sanctuary thrives in providing alternative treatment methods for people struggling with drug addiction or alcohol use disorder. Instead of focusing on the addiction alone, this rehab center treats patients as a whole, delving carefully into the cause of the addiction and the triggers of the dangerous habit.

The luxury rehab center offers in-patient programs that last for at least one month in a serene environment where patients enjoy the best of comfort and privacy. Alternative treatments such as sacred plant therapy, Ibogaine therapy, Ayahuasca retreats, and Pouyan method are fully explored at the Holistic Sanctuary. Unlike conventional addiction treatment techniques, alternative treatment methods boast an impressive recovery rate, and they serve as a permanent cure for addiction.

Origins Recovery Centers

The Texas-based rehabilitation community specializes in treating alcoholism and other addictions. The mental health experts at the treatment center are also adept at addressing co-occurring mental health diagnoses. Programs at the center range from 1 to 3 months, and the treatments are individualized to suit the needs of each patient.

Like the best rehab centers should, Origins treatment Centers have a low staff-to-patient ratio, further facilitating their individualized care model. Patients are also engaged in fitness activities, life-skills training, and other forms of recreation. After discharge, the center still works with the patient to ensure successful integration and reduce the possibility of relapse.


Hazelden has been in existence for more than 70 years, making it the oldest facility in our list of best rehab centers. The center has come a long way in its many decades of existence, expanding its reach across multiple American states. While Hazelden may not offer the luxury that other centers in our list promise, the facility still manages to run an effective not-for-profit model that favors conventional, evidence-based treatment plans. Importantly, the center places great emphasis on life after rehab, providing more than one year of free support to patients who have completed their treatment.


The Florida-based treatment facility makes our list of best rehab centers because of its ‘holistic approach to sobriety.’ Keys is known to provide a serene environment for addiction recovery. Qualified staff are always on hand to monitor patients during the detox phase and help them throughout the recovery phase. This rehab center also boasts a relatively low rate of relapse among its patients.

Do you wish to begin your journey towards sobriety at one of the best rehab centers in the country? Contact us today at The Holistic Sanctuary. We guarantee a safe and comfortable environment for addiction recovery, and you’ll no doubt benefit from our tested and trusted alternative treatment methods.

Best Rehab Centers
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Best Rehab Centers Best Rehab Centers