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Mens catheters Greensboro NC

Mens catheters Greensboro NC

Catheters are a humanitarian supply. Monthly supplies of men’s catheters in Greensboro NC delivered right to your door keep you safe and secure in your health. offers supplies of male catheters and supplies.

Which catheters do I need?

The catheter you use depends on your need. Catheters eliminate waste and contact germs in the body.  Any catheter you remove should be thrown out immediately. Use an intermittent catheter for any application.

You may choose between non-hydrophilic and hydrophilic catheters. Uncoated catheters are more difficult to remove and messier but have some distinct advantages.

The only other type of catheter is an indwelling catheter. Medical professionals insert them and leave them in the body until they are no longer necessary.

Straight Men’s Catheters

Straight catheters are uncoated. You need to use separate lubricating gel prior to insertion.

Straight pocket catheters have the added benefit of being easily folded. You can twist them and stick them discretely in your pocket.

Twist Men’s Catheters

Twist catheters are sterile and easy to use. They are incredibly easy to use. Twist the cap off these pre-lubricated and insert. A polished eyelet guides the catheter into place while the funnel end allows for no-mess drainage.

While not discrete, packaging can be as short as 5.5 inches long. Twist catheters do not require any additional lubricant.

Best Catheter Brands

Quality catheter brands are discrete and protect your health. Rush and cure create widely appreciated products.

MyCaths curates products to provide only the best catheter products. We strive to give our customers access to BPA and latex-free devices that are easy to use and as discrete as possible.

Paying for my Catheters

Paying for your catheters is easy. These devices fall under most types of insurance. Medicare and Medicaid cover a full month supply. Not having access to the supplies you need is a liability to your insurer due to the single-use nature of a catheter.

MyCaths works with customers. We can increase your supply with a doctor’s note. Anyone over the age of 65 can receive the quantity of supplies they need for free.

Safe and Discrete Supply

A safe and discrete supply of catheters is available online.  MyCaths ships an entire month of devices to your door with no need to travel to a medical supply store.

We carry top brands and never compromise on quality. Get access to men’s catheters in a COVID-19 free environment.

Men’s Catheters in Greensboro NC

Men’s catheters in Greensboro NC are a crucial supply for many. Male catheters come in many forms. Top brands supply a urinary catheter that is free of BPA and latex, easy to insert, and as discrete as possible. MyCaths strives to make these devices available to customers.

Buy urinary catheters online for a safe, continuous, and discrete supply. Prescription and non-prescription catheters are covered under most insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. Get in contact with our team today or have your doctor reach out to us to start receiving shipments immediately.



Mens catheters Greensboro NC

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Mens catheters Greensboro NC Mens catheters Greensboro NC