PA clinically integrated network

PA clinically integrated network

The healthcare landscape has been changing for several years, and that trend continues today. More and more people in PA with unmanaged chronic diseases are becoming a major financial burden for themselves, their physicians, and the insurance companies who pay out. In today's health care landscape, the scenery is more specialized than ever before, and physicians tend to focus on health problems related to their specialties exclusively but often fail to give much attention to how comorbidities interact, which often create severe economic, social, and health care challenges for the patient.

The Need for a Quality PA Clinically Integrated Network

Unmanaged patients are prone to seek emergency room care more frequently than managed patients, but ERs don't know the health history of these patients, so they have to admit them to run tests and determine priorities. This lack of patient care coordination has caused the cost of quality health care to sore. A potential solution is to operate as a PA clinically integrated network. PA Clinical Network invites you to explore membership with our network. You will soon discover the many benefits of being part of a world-class, members-oriented, physicians network.

PA Clinical Network will work with your private practice to develop a plan that analyzes and takes care of sick patients while allowing your practice to function as an independent entity. Think of our PA clinically integrated network as a platform that allows local employed physicians, as well as independent physicians, to work together to bring about more quality and value.

How Does PA Clinical Network Work?

Our members practice medicine according to established clinical measures and receive performance feedback, which allows them to increase the quality of patient care that they provide, thereby reducing costs and being more efficient overall. The goal of the PA Clinical Network is to report, measure, and improve overall quality standards among patients. Working with contracted insurers, our PA clinically integrated network uses a data aggregator to manage all of the data shared on our platform. This allows us to collect billing and medical data from various systems, highlighting needed areas of improvement.

Our Clinically Integrated Network Assists and Does Not Interfere With Private Practices

PA Clinical Network provides a care coordination program that was created to help high-risk and rising risk patients and effectively serves as an extension of the physician's practice. RN care coordinators are responsible for the management of multiple comorbidities, medicine administration, care transition, and even helping patients to locate low-cost transportation or obtain counseling.

Further, PA Clinical Network employs some of the state's best administrative experts to teach and consult with our members, helping them to redesign their workflows, improve physician performance, and enhance quality outcomes for patients. We are here to help your practice provide more quality and value to your patients.

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In the meantime, you may feel free to contact PA Clinical Network if you have any questions. We look forward to making your acquaintance and discussing how our network can help your practice.

PA clinically integrated network
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PA clinically integrated network PA clinically integrated network