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Both drugs and alcohol pose a severe threat to your health and your life in general. But when addiction comes online, that’s when things will deteriorate fast. At Arizona Addiction Center, we are experts at dealing with victims of drug addiction and alcoholism. If you need professional help, our team is ready to assist you.

What makes our Phoenix recovery center so popular and appreciated by the community is that we never treat the disease, we treat the people. Everyone has their personal story to share, and we base our treatment on the person in front of us, rather than their disorder.

We often see many rehab institutions taking a different approach and instead focus on the symptoms. Treating the symptoms does nothing in the long-term; it will only offer immediate benefits. We have designed our rehab treatment to not only eliminate the disorder but tackle the underlying problems that may have contributed to its emergence. Since we consider addiction to be a complex condition, our rehabilitation treatment follows the same pattern. The rehab system we use includes:

A detailed diagnosis process – We are interested in finding more than just your medical history. Our experts will investigate your case, building your clinical and personal profile in great detail. We want to find out what type of person you are, where you come from, your personality, your social and professional life, along with other useful information. We’ll use all the data you’ll provide us with to build a personalized and effective treatment plan.

Physical and psychological detoxification – We perform an immediate and detailed physiological detoxification as the first step in our Phoenix recovery center. The rehab plan should consider eliminating withdrawal symptoms immediately, as this procedure will primarily balance your chemical composure in the brain. We disrupt the mechanism of addiction affecting the opioid receptors in the brain, by that restoring your cognitive and emotional functioning.

Relapse prevention – Not many people realize what the relapse prevention procedure consists of, which leads them to ignore it altogether. In reality, relapse prevention is the most useful mechanism when it comes to restoring your social and emotional life and preserving your sobriety. Relapse prevention includes education, learning coping skills, becoming mentally and socially independent, etc. We pursue these goals with the help of multiple individual and group counseling sessions, holistic activities and even family meetings.

Sober living – During this program, we approach all our patients differently, considering their personalities, their lives, and their dreams. We want to help you understand what you need in life and how to achieve it. We’ll help you set goals, and we’ll show you the best way to reach them, which represents the foundation of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our Phoenix recovery center awaits you! Call in for an appointment or come straight to our center if you’re nearby. At our Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, we treat everyone, no matter how advanced addiction is, or how bad the symptoms are. Don’t let addiction dictate your life – take control and build it as you will!

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