Ten Reasons Why

Ten Reasons Why the PA Clinical Network can boost the clinical and business success of independent Pennsylvania physicians.

Prosperity Awaits

Physician-owned Clinically Integrated Networks give physicians access to new revenue that is linked to quality and value.


Fewer Middlemen, More Co-Equal Partners

Businesses are eager to work directly with local doctors and insurers want to develop less antagonistic relationships with their physicians.  Once physicians use strength in numbers form a network, they can come to that negotiating table as equals.


Control of the Quality Agenda

Frontline physicians’ insights into what really matters to their patients has been underappreciated.  New quality metrics are being developed, and now’s the time for doctor input into measuring what really matters.


 Smart Risk Arrangements

Being accountable for healthcare costs means also being able to share in any savings. Knowing which risk to accept and how to successfully manage it translates into additional physician income.


Being Independent Doesn’t Mean Being Alone

As physicians pool their expertise with likeminded colleagues, they can scale their knowledge and energy without having to give up any autonomy.


Interdependence Without Being Anti-competitive

With careful planning, physicians can work together in a CIN without fear of being labelled as creating an illegal monopoly.


Time, Income and Patients

By having greater oversight of healthcare quality and utilization, physicians can strategically control how much time they want to devote to how much revenue for how many patients.


Health Insurers Want to Work With Us

Health insurers welcome physician-led clinically integrated networks as an alternative to locally dominant healthcare systems and hospitals.


 It’s Time to Stop Running from Problems and Start Running toward Solutions

Some independent physicians are still turning to employment because they see no other alternatives.  Clinically integrated networks have a track record of not only preserving independent practice, but helping it thrive.



The mastery of patient care is a missing ingredient in the search for healthcare value. Physician-led clinically integrated networks foster that mastery in order to succeed.