Why the PA Clinical Network?

Join the clinically integrated network (CIN) created and led by and for independent Pennsylvania Physicians.

Is the PA Clinical Network the only choice for physicians in Pennsylvania who seek the benefits of participating in a CIN? Of course not—there are many CINs operating in Pennsylvania. But there is one clear distinction: most CINs in Pennsylvania are operated by hospitals and health systems. When making decisions that have to balance the interests of the institution against the interests of individual physicians—especially those in physician-owned private practice settings—they are likely to put their institutional interests first.

At the PA Clinical Network, our approach is fundamentally different. We’re Pennsylvania’s only physician CIN: a CIN made up exclusively of physician-owned practices who work together to scale resources for better patient care and fair compensation while simultaneously maintaining their autonomy.

Our governance consists entirely of independent Pennsylvania physicians who fully understand the challenges facing private practices here in the Commonwealth. While regulations require that all CINs give physicians “a seat at the table” in the network’s governance, at the PA Clinical Network, created by and for independent physicians, the doctors have all of the seats at the decision-making table. This gives independent physicians the strongest possible voice in decisions that affect how they practice and how they are compensated for delivering quality care while controlling costs.

The PA Clinical Network empowers independent Pennsylvania physicians with:

  • A robust population health platform, integrated with every payer and EMR, to deliver real-time, actionable care insights, achieve quality outcomes, and demonstrate shared savings
  • Strong technology infrastructure and hands-on support to facilitate collaboration while lightening the load of today’s administrative complexities
  • Complete transparency on decisions affecting your value-based compensation, with governance by independent physicians like you who won’t be overruled by large institutional interests
  • Exceptional value, with no shared costs for the CIN’s administrative staffing and routine business operations

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