Our Approach

Our Approach

When you join the PA Clinical Network, you gain more than infrastructure and tools: you gain the commitment and expertise of a team dedicated to your independent success.

Yes, any CIN can solve immediate and urgent problems like integrating your EMR system with peers in other specialties to better coordinate care and demonstrate outcomes. But what happens after the technologies and tools are in place?

If you as a practitioner in a physician-owned practice join a CIN operated by a hospital or health system that dominates medicine in your region, in a very real sense their mission is accomplished. You’ve become part of their fold, using institutional systems and resources. This potentially creates advantages for the institution, such as making decisions to refer in-network more likely, in spite of valuable relationships you may have with independent specialists who are not a part of the network.

In the long term, your participation benefits the institution—maybe more than it benefits you as a participating physician or your patients who have chosen the personalized care that you as an independent provider can offer. 

But at the PA Clinical Network, our approach is different. We’re not here just to connect you to our infrastructure and be on our way. Instead, we’re dedicated to being a long-term partner to help you and your independent peers in different specialties succeed together and make the most of your complementary strength. It’s a partnership that we’re fully expecting to evolve as the healthcare-industry landscape continues to change.

In the future, that might mean adding new technologies and tools to the suite of resources we offer to support the network. Or it might mean reinventing what it means to be a successful clinically integrated network as the environment that surrounds us evolves. 

However, regardless of how healthcare changes in the years and decades to come, there is one thing you can count on not to change: our singular focus will be on supporting your success and securing a vital and evolving future for independent medicine. The specifics of what we must do to accomplish that will almost certainly change. But the PA Clinical Network will keep pace—because that’s why we’re here.